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Optiparts Rigs

The company Optiparts in the Netherlands is the leading manufacturer of Optimist riggs and accessories.we offer the entire programme. We try to have everything in stock at any time and we deliver daily.


Optiparts  offers the following  riggs:


  • School- and upgraded school-rigg: a rigg for training and the beginner in sailing
  • Silver-Rigg: Rigg for the regatta starter and light-weighted sailors. The Silver-rigg is stiffer than the school rigg and allows to sail with more tension.Made of 6082 aluminium
  • The Blackgold-Rigg: This rigg is prefered by the experienced regatta sailors. Many international successes have been achieved using this rigg system. Made of black anodised aluminium 7075T6. The Blackgold-Rigg has three versions:
    • Blacklite boom showing a diameter of 32 mm for the light sailors
    • Blackgold boom showing a diameter  of 40 mm for the medium weight
    • Blackmax boom showing a diameter of 55 mm for the heavy weight
      sailor.Tall sailors are able to sail this rigg without bridle. This fact makes handling easy.

Far East Allround Rig

The  Far East Allround Rigg is a rigg that is apt for the beginner and regatta starter  at the same time. It is made of black anodised aluminium tube of 601T6, the boom diameter amounts to 40 mm and is thus apt for the average sailor weight.


Further information with about all riggs you will find at our Shop or the "mehr Build your Opti" section.


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