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Far East Optimist Dinghy Speedster R

The Far East Speedster R is our regatta starter Optimist.The used materials (rowing and resin) have been manufactured by the leading producers in Europe and America. A super Finish and quality for an attractive price. The Speedster R hull will be delivered with measurement book and all extras being necessary for the regatta.


With our "mehr Build your Optimist" tool you will be able to design your Speedster R and will receive a special offer online.


Eyelet to fix the mast

Mast ring made of  sliding  plastics

Adjustable mast foot

Eyelet for fastening of towing line, bailer and paddle

4 protecting rubbers for the daggerboard thwart

Upholstered hiking straps

Eyelet and turnable fitting for the main sheet

3 inflatable buoyancy bag with respectively 3 extra wide straps

1 extra bouyancy bag

Rudder fittings

Non-skid bottom and sanded hiking edge

Measurement Book

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