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The Optimist Dinghy - why 500,000 children can´t be wrong

The history of the Optimist Dinghy is the history of a victory of a very small boat in the big world of sailing. Showing a length of 2.3 m and a width of 1.13 m it is the most important boat in the world for - since it was designed in 1947 - generations of children learn and have learnt sailing on the Optimist Dinghy. It is


- an ideal sailing boat for beginners starting from an age of 6 years upwards


- and  an  one - design regatta boat.


According to the estimations of the German Optimist Dinghy Associaion there are approx. 500,000 Optimist dinghies world wide. It is the fastest growing boat class of the world.


What does distinguish the"Opti" as it is called lovingly?:


1. It is safe. Without fear and danger children can learn sailing. They will sit individually or with two children on the straight bottom, protected by the high coaming department.

2.It is stable. It is not easy to capsize the Optimist because of its hull design and the small sail.

3. It is easy to handle. A small sail, a sheet, a daggerboard and tiller - these installations are clear enough - even for beginners - to get concentrated on the sailing itself, the direction of the wind, the  wind force and the waves.

However, at the same time it offers enough trimming possibilities for the advanced sailor in order to prove his ability.

4. It promotes the children’s independence. They are able to rig up their Optimist alone, launch it into the water, sail and come back into the harbour again.

5. It promotes your child’s self-confidence, already early he or she will learn to accept challenges  and to make own decisions. Because of the direct reaction of the ship your child will immediately understand the consequence of his action. His reaction ability will be trained.

6. It will promote your child’s self-discipline. Your kid will overtake responsibility for himself/herself and his/her ship - on sea and on land.

7. It offers your child interesting possibilities for development. There is a variety of regattas. Depending on ability and on age the children can participate in local, national and international competitions. Here, your child will quickly find new friends under like-minded.

8.The Optimist Dinghy  is the craddle of many excellent sailors that later became famous at Olympic Games or at sea regattas. At the sailing Olympic Games  in Athens 60% of the participants had been former Optimist Dinghy  sailors.

9. And  the Optimist Dinghy is also  affordable. The shipyard FAR EAST is one of the biggest Optimist Dinghy producers in the world. Every regatta  Optimist manufactured by  Far East is has a measurement certificate and the dinghies showing considerable regatta successes world wide. This fact shows quality. And this at a very convenient price. Consequently, now even more children can sail an Optimist Dinghy, even more sailing clubs can offer training and sailing lessons.

With the Speedster sailing becomes affordable for  kids.

Our Vision

The Optimist Dinghy is the most important boat of the world. No other boat has trained more sailing people.

The Speedster will continue this high goal, for an acceptable price.

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