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Far East Speedster T

The Far East Speedster T  is a really beautiful dinghy that is wonderful apt for clubs, sailing schools and beginners. Contrary to other training boats the Speedster T has behind the daggerboard thwart a closed deck shell that makes handling easy and that increases stability, safety and life-time. The sailor does not "stamp" in the hull shell, but on the deck shell.

Around the daggerboard thwart and before the mast the deck shell is opened so that the water may be drained, resp. can escape at any time. The three buoyancy units (air bags) are integrated in the deck shell and are accessible via the inspection hatch. The Speedster T already owns a permanent fender made of rubber and an equipment like a regatta dinghy. Even the looks, the Speedster T is the most beautiful Club Racer we know.



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Permanent rubber fender rail

Eyelet for fixing the mast

Mast ring  made of sliding plastics

Adjustable mast foot

2 eyelets for fastening of  towing line, bailer and paddle

4 protection rubbers for  the centreboard case

Upholstered hiking straps

Eyelet and turnable fitting for the main sheet

3 inflatable buoyancy units, accessible via the inspection cover

Rudder fittings

Non-skid bottom and sanded  hiking edge

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