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TEB-Sails Foils

TEB-Sails foils (Tebbertman) is a manufacturer of foils for the race sailor from The Netherlands. Rudder and daggerbords are manufactured from foam and epoxy. The edges are strengthened by F.R.P. The foils have a perfect profile and are very stiff.






N1 Foils

N1 foils come from Spain. Rudders and centre-boards are manufactured by the the MPAT- method. In doing so, the product is "cooked" under pressure and temperature in a  mould. That guarantees a very stable quality.



Far East Foils

Far East Foils  are hand made of  G.R.P.  or  foam epoxy.  An optimal profile based of course on the new rules (ND 2004).

The G.R.P.  foils  are apt for the beginner and the regatta starter (Optimist B + C). The foam epoxy foils are made for the advanced regatta sailor.


New: In order to protect you expensive foam epoxy foils, Far East offers now Training Foam Epoxy Foils.


For all high-value foils we highly recommend a foil bag for the daggerboard and rudder.


All daggerboards and rudders will be delivered with the measurement form.


You will find more information about our foils at our Shop or at the "mehr Build your Optimist" section.

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