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Far East Rig-Bag

The new Far East Rig-Bag has three compartments for you rig. The biggest one for the boom and sail, is made from mesh material. The bag has three aditional pockets on the outside, a handle and a carrying shoulder strap. Made from Nylon.



Opti-Organizer - "OPO"

The "OPO" - Opti-Organizer is a bag, which is attached on the bulkhead behind the dagger board case. The OPO is fixed with clips and rubber rope and easy to mount. In the front port and starboard you have two mesh bags to put you bailers or ropes and to the rear you have two holders for bottles as well as comparments for food, cloth or sun lotion e.g. Nothing falls around and you always have it when you need it. The OPO is made from Nylon.

Foam Epoxy Foils for training

In order to keep your expensive foam epoxy foils for the races, we have developed Training Foam Epoxy Foils. These foils do not stick to the new design rules (ND 2004), so you canĀ“t use them in races. But they are ideal for training.

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